Lets face it, at some point, we are all crashing and burning into each other.

We do this as youngsters, fighting with siblings and cousins. We rebel against authority and even common sense - we are sometimes hurt or hurtful.

We take our stunted emotional selves into adulthood, often not taking time or being give Β a chanc to heal childhood traumas.

We begin dating with all sorts of expectations and feel jaded that this or other dream is not working out.

By the time we become parents, we are ready to scream, at the futility of life, the grind, the financial and physical strain and the lack of concern from friends and society at large.

Because of all the emotional baggage one or more parent is bringing, we are less than perfect with our children.

All this is not the case all the time, but for a lot of us, there is much stress and emotional turmoil which we want to protect our children from.

I say this to let the reader know that they are not alone in this, that we, as a community would like to help through sharing concern.

Broadly parenting is classified into these 10 types.


We all carry tendencies and notions and this sometimes affects adversely our interactions with our children.

But take the poised, trying hard mother. She's at peace with herself. Her routine is empowering. She finds time to keep the sexual chemistry with her partner going (I will later go into how fundamental and important this is). Homework isnt a chore just as she finds her children responding emotionally and spiritually to the activities she engages them in.

Perfection cannot be achieved but we can come closer and closer to it if we strive lifelong. Gurus of all times have always said its not about the destination, it's the journey.

So enjoy the journey of parenting friends, it will shape your conduct and character aright as you watch your children become worthy and eminent citizens.