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Our Creations
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We are one race and one people.
We are one outpouring kindness and love.
We are one as many race and colours.
We are one as many creeds and religions.
We are one with diverse skills and professions.
We are one with many visions and ways.
We are one with many experiences and stories.
We are one as the same water flowing in many streams.
We are one with many ideas and dreams.
We are one in our compassion and concern.
We are one with each other in the pursuit of happiness and peace.
We are one in our caring and caregiving.
We are one in our mercy and kindness.
We are one in our wisdom and consciousness.
We are one in our solidarity and benevolence.
We are one in our grace and graciousness.
We are one in our faith and charity.
We are one in good and bad times.
We are one in fairness and justice.
We are one in forbearance and endurance.
We are one in purity and passion.
We are one indomitable and immortal in spirit.
We are one in source of origin and sustenance.
We are one in play and fun.

Imran, March 2019
At some stage of enquiry, we realize that all around us is Narayana or Vasudeva.

We lay down our actions to become "a willing servitor of the divine", or as the poem goes:

we've made something special.
Fashioned by our hands, guided by
That divine craftsman who waits patiently
For His designs to become fully wrought.

So we are impelled to strive constantly, waiting for the divine plan or Lila to unfold...