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Healing and Empowerment

Articles about individual / group healing and empowering people

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The Gaia “Replenish or Rejuvenate” is a series of mp3s, articles and workshops that help people with their life’s goals and teaches them techniques on how to get unstuck.

1 muladhara - liberation - 396Hz

2 svadishtana - change - 417Hz

3 manipura - miracles - 528Hz

4 anahata - relationships - 639Hz

5 visuddha - solutions - 741Hz

6 ajna - awakening - 852Hz

7 sahasrara - oneness - 963Hz
Oriental Healing Practics have the notion of 7 energy centres or chakras along the spine.

I have found this app useful when giving or receiving Reiki.

Reiki is the harnessing of Universal Life Energy for healing. It is taught in 4 levels.
You xan read more about affirmations here, download the desktop app, ask me to help you with stuff like