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Asked a question 10 months ago

Is just another website? Why would people believe in your vision?

Where am I?

In My YieldMore you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!

In the past too, I had made a show of the technology and a grander vision but failed to bridge the gap. When I realized the similarities with other websites, I made this page to point out how we differed:

I realize now I have been making multiple mistakes:

  • Offering the Technology and Idolizing it without a keener understanding of its potential and its need to be wielded by the right hands
  • Been unable to follow thought on all of its ideas and goals (for varying reasons)
  • Not trusting myself to be its voice - that problem no longer exists and I have created a space for my own writing - imran.yieldmore.org15
  • Feeling lonely and reaching out to everyone for any sort of help. Guess I lost the ability to be taken seriously because of this.
  • Staying comfortable saying "I don't need to fend for it myself" and "if no-one will join then so be it". I now realize I need to be organized, dedicated and attract an audience by sheer grit.

Only time will tell if its just another mediocre, self-aggrandizing site or an initiative par excellence. I know there's a glimpse of the far reaching future in some of it's envisionings and my writing but I have now to conquer my fear of public failure and reach out to the world.

Since I have now decided to let my own ideas take a backseat (in an effort to find a common ground with the interested visitor), Let me ask you to join us and share your dreams16.

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