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What is self enquiry

Where am I?

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Imran Ali Namazi
Imran Ali Namazi YM Core

Is that anything to do with Ramana's tschnique of Mahayoga? Books been sitting on my shelf.

I also found Ramana Maharshi on 40 verses of reality here:

Imran Ali Namazi
Imran Ali Namazi YM Core

Self enquiry is a wonderful dialogue one can have with the self. To know your own highs and lows, emotional moments, whats get you down, what keeps you motivated.

Enough self discovery will help you plan a wholesome bucket list / your vision for yourself and the role you see in the grand march of evolution.

Financial poverty is very crippling, but being stunted emotionally is even more so. Dialogue with friends, parallel to the dialogue with the cosmic force can help you heal from almost anything.

All we need to do is make sure we keep talking (satsang).

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