Parenting is all about Trust, Respect and an Wide Open Mind!

Rosanne Cash performing at her father Johnny Cash's memorial. With some insight into the kind of man/parent the legend was.

----------------------------- TRANSCRIPT ------------------------

My father's integrity an artist was the same integrity that informed him as a parent. When I was a teenager I was lying on the bed in my room reading a book on Astrology and my dad walked in and asked me what I was reading and I handed him the book and said you do not really believe in this do you? and he said no, but I think you should find out everything you can about it and that one comment became the template on which I later based my entirely philosophy of parenting trust, respect and a wide open mind.

My father's own wide open mind explored in a man's universal ideas sound, beauty, mystery, love, pain and rhythm. He offered that universe to us as our birthright to delight in our own treasures and slam up against our own walls - always knowing that his love was close. His heart was so expansive and his mind so finely tuned that he could contain both darkness and light, love and trouble, fear and faith, wholeness and shatteredness, addiction and enlightenment, old school and post modern, Baptist and Jew, the sacred and the silly, God and the void but always relentlessly with the back beat and the rhythm driving the paradoxes.

Daddy was a tremendous energy source, a radiant center of love in our lives, and I cannot begin to describe the enormity of the empty space he has left. A friend told me that your parents keep teaching you even after they are gone and my sisters and my brother and I have already found that to be true. He keeps pointing us in the direction of our best selves. His humble, illuminous spirit resonate so deeply in our lives and I believe it always will.

Because daddy understood his paradox is so well he also knew that everyday held a choice to be made. I cannot count the times we heard him say children, you can choose love or hate, I choose love. So I tell you and him tonight from our own wide universe of choices daddy we also choose love... and rhythm...