Dear Friend,

We live in teary times. People are scared, confused, feeling disoriented, that the whole pandemic seems to only have a bleak outcome, there is an air of mistrust and uncertainty.

People we love are popping left right and center, leaving families in debt while others are out of work and the grief or the misery only magnify day by day.

These upheavels are not of ordinary times and our faith or positivity are finding themselves fragile and spent.

All the forlornness reminds me of scenes of Mordor or HMS Ulysees. And the truth is I have no answers.

But I also see acts of generosity as magnify everytime mankind faces an emergency. People fighting back beyond all hope. Each of us is slowly and torturously being tested. Do we value life, just how precious do we realize it is? Are we living it, guided by our sense of highest right.

I was looking for a Richad Bach nugget and I suppose this should suffice "what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly". It was Hans mention of cocoon reminded me of it:

I guess its time to rethink death and our role here in life. Share your thoughts and lets come intimately closer as we learn to live in the light.