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Healing and Serenity
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Sacred Body Guided Meditation by Kelly Howell of BrainSync

Transcript (as an on - demand preview)
Tips to keep healthy even in the face of cancer.

Cancer being one of the most challenging, perhaps we can learn some lessons from it and apply to our daily / lesser problems.

Audio Nootropics that can enhance mood and brain function

Audio Nootropics are audio programs developed after research in brain science.

They can increase creativity, affirm positivity for healing, balance the hemispheric activity of the brain etc. Sometimes dubbed guided meditations, the sounds bring about the receptive states of Alpha Beta Gamma Delta as required. I have personally seen it work on a few friends, they came highly recommended and I am now in search of counsellors and doctors who can try it for themselves.

I also need some indicators on when to suggest it for children - which ones, what age group.

You will find a list of ones I have come across here:

The Gaia “Replenish or Rejuvenate” is a series of mp3s, articles and workshops that help people with their life’s goals and teaches them techniques on how to get unstuck.

1 muladhara - liberation - 396Hz

2 svadishtana - change - 417Hz

3 manipura - miracles - 528Hz

4 anahata - relationships - 639Hz

5 visuddha - solutions - 741Hz

6 ajna - awakening - 852Hz

7 sahasrara - oneness - 963Hz