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an organisation called 'BelongTo' is trying to spread awareness on diversity and equality.

They created this educational two-minute video, children’s activities and resource materials for schools:

You can help if you can share this with your kids or with their teachers or friends who are teachers. It is aimed at primary school kids and the purpose of this initiative is to update the way children learn the colours of the rainbow with an inclusive message around diversity and equality.
COGNITIVE TOOL: Instrumental Enrichment (by Late Prof Reuven Feuerstein)

Instrumental Enrichment (IE) is a cognitive intervention program that can be used both individually and within the classroom. The IE program has been successfully used worldwide as a tool for the enhancement of learning potential and cognitive development

Something to be considered for both adults and children, you can read more about it, where it was uploaded on our legacy site in 2015 at:

To know more about its Founder / Creator, pls visit:

What is Imran's Wish Class / Creative Expression

@Vidya Shankar How would you describe the class you have been guiding me to develop, how do you see it growing with more students and cascade, and what all must happen before its ready for other teachers/parents to take it up?