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Conscious Living - Adulthood, Conception, Parenting and Ageing
Conscious Living - Adulthood, Conception, Parenting and Ageing
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A group interested to nurture aspiring and young parents to understand the parenting responsibility from the child’s side - from conception to adulthood. 

Conscious Adulting - Preparing for Conscious Parenting

@Vidya Shankar and @Imran Ali Namazi discussed these yearly stages a 12yr old could go through to consciously live and conceive a child and then have a natural birth for it.

  • -10 = 12yo - 15 - puberty, emotional
  • -9 = 15yo - 18yo - 15yo - relationships
  • -8 = 18 to 21
  • -7 = 21 to 24 - dating, engagement
  • -6 and -5 = 24 -30 - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health
  • -4 = integral healing begins
  • -3 = self awareness, societal awareness, world consciousness, purposeful living
  • -2 = planning for conception, rudimentary preparation for receiving the light
  • -1 = conception with light
  • 0 = natural birthing, oneness with nature, humaneness in birth

So the conversation on Conscious Parenting should actually begin with youngsters. Do any of you older parents have teenagers you would like to talk to about all of this?

Thoughts please!

Welcome to aspiring and new parents! This group will address vital questions and provide insights from our ancient knowledge systems, on procreation and parenting. We will together hope and pray for the coming of superior beings into this earth who will find their purpose very soon after arrival, care and nurture our planet and it’s inhabitants, as Global Citizens and Stewards of Mother Earth.

Do share your thoughts on parenting

Q) How do you rate a successful parent? Where do you think you fall short?

Q) If you could go back 10 years (perhaps even to your adolescence) what would you tell yourself to be better prepared for the rewarding job of parenting.

Q) What are your thoughts on the negative influences around your child? How strongly would you fight to keep those away?

Q) What is your parenting style and how would you train your kids to grow up independent, emotionally strong and spiritually grounded

Q) Do you feel sad at all the grief and sadness in the world, how would ypu have your child approach these?


The Disinterested vs Conscious Parent

Lets face it, at some point, we are all crashing and burning into each other.

We do this as youngsters, fighting with siblings and cousins. We rebel against authority and even common sense - we are sometimes hurt or hurtful.

We take our stunted emotional selves into adulthood, often not taking time or being give a chanc to heal childhood traumas.

We begin dating with all sorts of expectations and feel jaded that this or other dream is not working out.

By the time we become parents, we are ready to scream, at the futility of life, the grind, the financial and physical strain and the lack of concern from friends and society at large.

Because of all the emotional baggage one or more parent is bringing, we are less than perfect with our children.

All this is not the case all the time, but for a lot of us, there is much stress and emotional turmoil which we want to protect our children from.

I say this to let the reader know that they are not alone in this, that we, as a community would like to help through sharing concern.

Broadly parenting is classified into these 10 types.

We all carry tendencies and notions and this sometimes affects adversely our interactions with our children.

But take the poised, trying hard mother. She's at peace with herself. Her routine is empowering. She finds time to keep the sexual chemistry with her partner going (I will later... (More)