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We want to hear from you, as concerned individuals on the path of healing, learning and serving yourselves, family, friends and the community at large.

With as a friend, we have decided to let invitees like you lead the way...

Using ideas and information to enhance the quality of dialogue, interaction and support for one another, YM adherents (people who believe in YM as a way of living) see opportunities to take and give help from our community and the world at large.

We invite you to our 5 member community with the hope that you will find the quality of conversation and ideas uplifting.

To find out more about our spirit, visit:

Giving wings to this dream of Yielding More

I have not been a very organized creator for the vision of I have lazily wanted people to join without having direction.

In the past, I have articulated it's spirit at and

Enough meandering! From this 26th day of March 2021, I will maintain a list of people, positions to fill, topics to write on and goals to achieve:

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